Sunday Times: “Diaspora demand their say”

19 Dec

The Sunday Times carries an article on the emigrant voting rights issue, written by freelance journalist Eleanor Fitzsimons. Entitled “Diaspora demand their say”, the article mentions It begins:

Ireland will hold a general election early next year, and this has reignited a debate as to whether the country’s sizable diaspora should be allowed to vote in it.

According to the law, those not “ordinarily resident”, that is living in Ireland on 1 September in the year before the voting register comes into force, cannot cast a ballot in Irish elections.

Recent economic difficulties have led to the return of extensive emigration. The Central Statistics Office (CSO) reports that, in the period 2006-10, emigration reached a level that had not been seen since the late 1980s.

Read the entire article on the Sunday Times website (behind a paywall).

The article was discussed by academic and political reform advocate Elaine Byrne (who also gave a mention) on Marian Finucane’s Sunday news programme on RTE Radio 1.

Edited to add: The article has also been posted on

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